I have data from Geonames.org on the location of population centres, provided in the format of Center Name, Latitude and Longitude.

Only one latitude and longitude point is provided for each population centre.

I would like to create a layer that turns these points into a shapefile of catchment areas around each Population centre, similar to State or Local Government Area set of boundaries.

This could be done e.g. by drawing a boundary between two points at the midpoint between those points.

Is there a way in QGIS to generate these shapefiles automatically?


Run the tool "Vector > Geometry Tools > Voronoi Polygons..." on these points, that's all.


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  • Let @Lucy and she will say enough to her instrument, maybe she will want to split them separate, but this is the review and clarification of the response... – Cyril Mikhalchenko Jan 15 '19 at 12:10
  • Voronoi polygons seem to yield the result I wanted, thank you. A more robust way is to overlay with population density data that I have to identify clusters, but I plan to overlay these polygons with that raster file to do so. – Lucy Jan 15 '19 at 12:13
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    +1, @Taras for quality editing :-)... – Cyril Mikhalchenko Jul 3 at 16:51

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