Suppose I have a layout template in QGIS, with a lot of text boxes like the title of the map, title of the project, a project code, ...

When I export a map in pdf, is it possible to have it named automatically in a name like "Projectcode + Title + Date".pdf ?

If so, how would I go about doing this?


If the values are included in your layer:

you can call them in the printcomposer by going to tab 'Atlas generation'. In the section 'Output' you can define the outputname. In your example it would be:

"Projectcode" ||'_' || "Title" || '_' || day(now())|| '-' || month(now()) || '-' || year(now())

Which gives the result Projectcode_Title_15-01-2019

You can even automaticly add those features in your textboxes by choosing 'insert an expression' in the itemproperties of the textbox.

If the values ar NOT included in a layer:

Add project-variables: go to project > projectproperties (or press Ctrl+Shift+P)

In the section 'variables' add 2 new entries by clicking the green '+' in the right corner. Give them the name 'Projectcode' and 'Title'. Add a value for both.

Now you can call those variables everywhere in your project, also in the composer.

Add the desired textboxes and add following expressions: [% @Projectcode %] and [% @Title%]

For the outputfilename it gives you folowing expression:

@Projectcode ||'_' || @Title || '_' || day(now())|| '-' || month(now()) || '-' || year(now())
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  • Hi Pieter, I do not have columns with these names, just textboxes on my layout, how do I link to those? – user115035 Jan 15 '19 at 15:30
  • it is not possible to link textboxes to the outputfilename. But there is another option with project-variables. I will edit my answer – PieterB Jan 16 '19 at 8:26

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