the following image shows the geoserver i usedenter image description hereI used netcdf plugin to publish a nc file. I use wms to access it (see following picture for result), but I found that the value of the raster is wrong.

enter image description here

Another picture of the same nc file opened by the PanoplyWin (a pro nc software):

enter image description here

This is the structure of the nc file:

enter image description here

Visualization of mean Daily relative humidity given a specific time and a specific level. The mean daily relative humidity value is between 0 and 100, but the as shown above an example value is -26891, out of this range.

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The dataset is stored as packed data, GeoServer does not un-pack it by default. Add the following system variable on the Java virtual machine running GeoServer to make it unpack the data:


E.g., if GeoServer is deplyed in Tomcat, you'd add it in the catalina.sh or setenv.sh as part of the JVM_OPTS.

  • thanks for your advice,but i am not familiar with JVM and i install geoserver by the package of windows installer. can you tell me where to add the system variable in my condition.thank you so much – Xiaoqi Feb 14 at 0:03

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