I have a function that takes a feature and creates a buffer around it.

createBuffer = function(feature){

  var AOI = feature.geometry().buffer(3000);

  return ee.Feature(AOI).copyProperties(feature);

When I run this function on a collection that contains polygons that have coastlines, the fractal nature of the coastline makes the buffering take a while, the result is delivered to another function to do imageCollection calculations based on the new buffered feature.

In some cases (though none that I can replicate here) it leads to a The operation timed out.

What can be done to avoid these timeouts?


Have you tries using simplify() on your geometry?

var AOI = feature.geometry().simplify(1000).buffer(3000);

It worked considarably faster and the buffer you create won't differ that much. At least, I tried it on a 4618 vertices linearRing I had. If your simplify maxError is smaller than your buffer size, the outcome won't be very different.

  • Worked perfectly. Thanks. The 'simplify()' function solved the timeout issue. Because it is a coastline, and the simplification of the vertices doesn't affect the outcome, as beyond it is the sea, the pixels there are of no effect to the calculation. – Sean Roulet Jan 23 at 18:18

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