i'm used to writing in C for embedded systems, so python is somewhat new to me. I've built up this script in QGIS script editor following the template. However, when I run the script I get an Access Violation when I get to the output portion of the script.

    #get memory layer output (points in polygons)
    dlayer = resCount.get("OUTPUT")

    #make layer editable

    # build a request to filter the features based on an attribute
    request = QgsFeatureRequest().setFilterExpression('"NUMPOINTS" = 0')

    # we don't need attributes or geometry, skip them to minimize overhead.
    # these lines are not strictly required but improve performance

    # loop over the features and delete
    for f in dlayer.getFeatures(request):
        if feedback.isCanceled():


    #commit the changes

    feedback.pushInfo('Empty hexagons deleted')

    # Return the results of the algorithm. In this case our only result is
    # the feature sink which contains the processed features, but some
    # algorithms may return multiple feature sinks, calculated numeric
    # statistics, etc. These should all be included in the returned
    # dictionary, with keys matching the feature corresponding parameter
    # or output names.
    return {self.OUTPUT: dlayer}

i tried using with edit(dlayer), but i kept getting an "edit is not defined" error and couldn't figure out what i needed to import to make that work.

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