I'm creating a map in the Mapbox and I need When you click a point on the map the information is displayed in a popup. So far I can already do following this tutorial:


The problem is that each feature has several fields, such as: Name, Biography, Work, etc. All the information in a single tab gets very polluted, so I need to divide into tabs. I need the popup to have a tab for each of the fields:

Name | Biography | Job

I found this tutorial that has what I need:

enter image description here


but it uses 'Mapbox.js' and not 'Mapbox JS GL.' And I could not adapt it to use in Mapbox JS GL. I'm still learning html, css and javascript in the Solo Learn app. I'm loading my data from the style map into mapbox studio. Is it possible to reproduce the tutorial above and create a poupup with tabs using the GL JS mapbox? Any help is welcome!

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