We are currently migrating to ArcGIS Pro 2.2, with new add-in to improve our workflow. Our Add-in have been shared on a common network drive so far. But our main concern is that we are not admin on our machines, so when we need to install an add-in the IT guy needs to come.

A way to share any add-in and to update them would be a silent install. I found this thread on Geonet for ArcGIS desktop. The way described is to change the default path to the add-in to a new path with the proper registry key:

\\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ESRI\Desktop10.2\Settings\AddInFolders and set the value

Is it possible to use the same method for ArcGIS Pro add-in?


In case this help someone else, I contacted the person from the GeoNet thread and here is his answer:

"In short YES, ArcGIS Pro supports the concept of Shared Add-ins. To have a Add-In load to ArcGIS Pro without user action you need to create a registry setting at:


Create a new REG_SZ key there, the value name is the path to a folder containing your Add-Ins. The value data for the key is null (not set).You can have more than one key. A path would look like:


In our case we map the W:\ folder on all agency computers and post shared Add-Ins to the above location. If you have access to Visual Studio you can easily build an MSI package or just a simple .bat file to deploy this registry key. At the folder location defined above you have your add-ins. They are stored in their own subfolder at the above location. The subfolders are named based on the ArcInfo id GUID of the add-in as shown in your Config.daml (note - if you start a new Add-In from a snippet or stub provided by ESRI be sure you update the ArcInfo id in the Config.daml or they will all be the same :-). Also, Add-Ins are loaded by Pro in alphabetical sequence based on the ArcInfo id GUID."

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