I'm using SAGA-GIS to compute some terrain attributes with a DEM of file size 3.52 GB. I use Rsaga to operate on a 64 Bit operating system with an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10 GHz Processor, 16 GB RAM, WIN7.

When I run my code using a DEM with file size 1.4 GB everythings works perfectly with this code:

# terrain attributes computed with SAGA-GIS
# set up rsaga environment
work_env <- rsaga.env(path = "path/saga-6.3.0_x64/saga-6.3.0_x64", modules = "path/saga-6.3.0_x64/saga-6.3.0_x64/tools") 

rsaga.get.libraries(path = work_env$modules)
rsaga.get.modules(env = work_env,'grid_filter') 
rsaga.get.modules(libs = "io_gdal", env = work_env)
rsaga.get.usage(lib = "io_gdal", module = "Export Raster", env = work_env)

rsaga.slope(in.dem = "path\\dem.tif", 
        out.slope = "path\\slope", 
        unit.slope = "degrees",
        out.aspect = "path\\aspect",
        unit.aspect = "degrees",
        out.cgene = "path\\general_curvature",
        out.clong = "path\\longitudinal_curvature",
        out.ccros = "path\\crosssectional_curvature",
        env = work_env)

But when I try to process the 3.52 GB sized DEM, the following error message (as a warning) occurs, after a popup window saying something like SAGA_cmd crashed:

Warning message:
running command '"path/saga-6.3.0_x64/saga-6.3.0_x64/saga_cmd.exe" 
-f=q ta_morphometry "Slope, Aspect, Curvature" -ELEVATION 
"path\dem.tif" -SLOPE "path/slope.sgrd" -ASPECT 
"path/aspect.sgrd" -C_GENE "path/general_curvature.sgrd" -C_LONG 
"path/longitudinal_curvature.sgrd" -C_CROS 
"path/crosssectional_curvature.sgrd" -METHOD "6" -UNIT_SLOPE "1" 
-UNIT_ASPECT "1"' had status 5 

None of the measures is computed.

How can I process a 3.52 GB DEM in SAGA-GIS?

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