I own about 200 acres of forest with about 350' of elevation change. I have a DJI 4 Advanced and my goal is to produce elevation maps to plan the building of one or more ponds.

I've tried and failed, at researching how to do this. It appears to be fairly easy if you don't have a Mac to use the LAS file and the LAS toolkit in QGIS to perform these functions. I've tried to run the LAS tools through WINE with no success. I tried GRASS, but it's LAS toolkit also doesn't work on a Mac.

So my question is "is there a way to filter out trees (it's that time a year again when the leaves are down, so I can get shots through to the floor) with either the LAS file or the GeoTIFF on a Mac?".

If there is no easy way, I'll try again at using WINE, or as a last resort might resort to buying a Windows computer. I've been using MapsMadeEasy to process my pictures.


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