I am using QGIS AND struggling with setting projections. I am attempting to reproject all of my files that I am accumulating into NAD83-UTMzone13 utilizing the reprojection tool. The tool appears to run correctly, I save the file. I set the project projection under the properties. When I add the shape, 1. the project reverts back to WGS84 and 2. the newly projected shape still does not show up, even when I reset the project back to the desired projection. Thoughts?

  • Instead of the reprojection tool, try exporting the layer (right click on the layer name > export), and change the CRS of the export. – csk Jan 18 at 21:13
  • What happens when you zoom to the layer (right click on the layer name > zoom to layer)? Is the layer present, but in the wrong location? Or is it not there at all? – csk Jan 18 at 21:14
  • Make sure the data you're trying to re-project is actually inside UTM zone 13. – csk Jan 18 at 21:15

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