I have a set of landsat 7 layers, that look like this:

files = [ $ 
"D:\ArcGIS\Programmieren in IDL\Landsat Daten\landsat_b1.tif" $ 
,"D:\ArcGIS\Programmieren in IDL\Landsat Daten\landsat_b2.tif" $ 
,"D:\ArcGIS\Programmieren in IDL\Landsat Daten\landsat_b3.tif" $ 
,"D:\ArcGIS\Programmieren in IDL\Landsat Daten\landsat_b4.tif" $ 
,"D:\ArcGIS\Programmieren in IDL\Landsat Daten\landsat_b5.tif" $ 
,"D:\ArcGIS\Programmieren in IDL\Landsat Daten\landsat_b6.tif" $ 
,"D:\ArcGIS\Programmieren in IDL\Landsat Daten\landsat_b7.tif" $ 

As well as several exercise points with one value referring to a layer each.

point1 = [10764,9737,8758,7702,20470,11250,7628] 
point2 = [11993,11117,10083,9633,11021,11634,10856] 
point3 = [11250,10393,9456,8347,8226,6585,6069] 

How do I calculate the distance between each point and the layer stack in IDL? I tried using the DISTANCE_MEASURE function, but can't seem to figure out how to use it in this case.

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