I have an .SVG file of a map with known extreme North/South/East/West coordinates of the area, and I'm required to retrieve coordinates of certain points on it.

What free/freeware software tools, capable of running on Windows 10 x64 (LTSB) I could use for that purpose?

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  • Please add your OS and what you are wiling to pay. – Jan Doggen Jan 11 at 9:16

It's not clear exactly what you want to do here. If you want to do it visually - clicking on points and reading their coordinates - then Inkscape will almost certainly do the job.

If you want to automate things, then you might be able to use some sort of GIS solution, but you might be best to write something yourself. SVG files consist of text (I think probably XML-based?), so shouldn't be too hard to parse. There might even be existing libraries for the purpose for R or similar.

  • +1 for inkscape. Resize your map so the internal coordinates in Inkscape match the coordinates on the map, and then just manually pick the points. Could be a better way to do it though using GIS tools. – Gimelist Jan 12 at 2:48

You'll probably need to digitize the map. QGis is highly likely to help, and it's free! https://www.qgistutorials.com/en/docs/digitizing_basics.html

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