Disclaimer: I am much less familiar with network/server/sharing nuances (much more experienced with desktop work).

I work for a nonprofit and am trying to map out where work is done. I have a large FGDB/HFL (hosted by ESRI in ArcGIS online) with a bunch of polygons of river basins (where the work is done). A lot of people we work with don't have ESRI accounts (and this will soon be a public layer).

My goal: have the polygons display in Google Earth Pro. While a conversion to a KML would be simple, the work territory is constantly changing, so I really need a link to share so that when I make updates, everyone can have the most updated version. I know Google Earth Pro has gotten more flexible in what it can handle and have tried adding the service URL for the HFL into the Add>Network Link option. Also tried creating a WFS. Neither working.

Any easy way to create a KML that will regularly update off a FGDB/HFL?

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