I want to build a Choropleth map, from a specific region (in my case Portugal) with D3.JS and while searching for tutorials and support, I have found this website.

Following the procedure, I have drawn the visualization that I want to build in a piece of paper.

Then I have downloaded a map from Eurostat and got the information from the shape that I want to use, by uploading the file in mapshapper.

Considering that I know which information I want to extract from the GeoJSON file, the tutorial suggests the usage of OGR2OGR. In order to do that, I have installed the GDAL package on Anaconda, but I can't extract the map information.

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I have managed to find a work around solution by accessing this website and selecting Portugal (the location that I want to work with).

From that, I was able to get the GeoJson from the location.

With the GeoJson of the location, I have accessed geojson.io and uploaded the GeoJson in order to compare it with the actual map and do some modifications.

In case one wants to find some colors to use, Color Brewer may be a great help. One can select a color scheme and accordingly to the number of data classes, it generates the HEX/RGB that one can convert into an array (with a scale.Quantize in D3js)

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