I am trying to rotate a viewport object in R. However, I end up getting boundaries for the rotated object.

Any idea as to how to rotate but not end up with these boxes?

Below is the code. m_cont, m_AK and m_HI are the maps.


vp_AK <- viewport(x = 0.15, y = 0.25, width = 0.3, height = 0.3)
vp_HI <- viewport(x = 0.36, y = 0.2, width = 0.2, height = 0.13)

print(m_AK, vp = vp_AK)
print(m_HI, vp = vp_HI)

enter image description here


I think you need to add tm_layout(frame=FALSE, bg.color=NA) to your maps.

The first option removes the frame, and the second stops the system painting a white rectangle over the viewport. It does create (for me) some warnings, which I am ignoring.

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