Is there a way I can use pyqgis to count the number of features in different categories in one layer? I am using rule based renderer, and realizing that for some rules the feature count is actually empty zero, so I would like to remove those categories:

enter image description here

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Use getFeatures to list all records and count with collections.Counter:

from collections import Counter
layer = iface.activeLayer()
field = 'KKOD' #Change to match your fieldname
c = Counter([f[field] for f in layer.getFeatures()])

Counter({3: 6875, 7: 2853, 5: 1642, 6: 1580, 13: 1212, 8: 326, 4: 171, 11: 61, 12: 21, 1: 20, 2: 11})

enter image description here

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