I have a line layer representing transport routes.

I would like to add a virtual layer listing every city crossed by each line. I would only need the id of each city to be listed (column Code_INSEE).

The result should be

Line 1 | 12001, 12003, 12122|
Line 2 | 23001, 23002, 23004, 23120,23012|

enter image description here

This question is linked to the solution proposed in this topic: Automatic calculation field based on line modification within QGIS


One sample virtual layer syntax (using Natural Earth admin dataset):

SELECT x.name AS LineName, Group_Concat(x.admin, ',') AS  CountryNames
  FROM Line 
  CROSS JOIN Countries ON
  st_intersects(Line.geometry, Countries.geometry)
) as x
GROUP BY x.name

enter image description here

For your case it will probably be:

SELECT x.name AS LineName, Group_Concat(x.Code_INSEE, ',') AS  CityNames
  FROM lines 
  CROSS JOIN cities ON
  st_intersects(lines.geometry, cities.geometry)
) as x
GROUP BY x.name

(Assuming your Line layer name is lines and the City polygon layer is cities, and the Line number is stored in name field).

  • Perfect ! This is exactly what i needed ! Kudos to you – Arthur Jan 21 at 12:51

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