I have recently installed and federated an ArcGIS Server and a Portal (10.6.1). I am using the server as a hosting one as I have installed and configured the ArcGIS Datastore (Tile cache and Managed) altogether with a registered enterprise database. Everything seems to work nicely when publishing different map image/elevation/feature/tile cache layers. However, when I am trying to publish a .slpk, the process fails and I get the following error messages on both the server and the portal logs:

"Failed to create couchdb database. Client tried to access password-protected page without proper authorization. (status code 401). Failed to execute (Publish Portal Service)."

I have done different tests, publishing both from ArcGIS Pro and the Portal, with "Add item from my computer" and I get the same errors.

The solutions that I have already tried are the following:

|FIXED| CityEngine SLPK and Portal for ArcGIS

Error: ERROR 001785: Unable to connect to the database used for scene caches (Unidentified Error)

Error: ERROR 001784: Unable to connect to the database used for scene caches (unauthorized)

None of them worked in my case.

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I had been encountering a similar error: an Object Store Exception from portal and an 'Not authorized to access" error in the couch db log. This occured at 10.7 and 10.7.1 whenever I tried to publish a scene layer from my scene package.

Because I think that when I originally set up the tile cache data store at 10.6 and registered it with my federated server, it registered as a stand-by data store. Anyway, after trying many fixes including the ones you list above, I basically uninstalled, wiped all directories, and reinstalled the tile cache data store.

I configured the datastore directories on the data drive, making certain the domain account has full access, set the backup location and replaced the local cert with our CA cert.

I was then able to add an slpk and from their publish as a scene layer - all through the portal front end. I have not been able to publish a scene layer from the api, still working on that piece

  • So for me, this turns out to be a bug in the tile cahce datastore logged by esri and is supposed to be fixed in the 10.8 release due in March 2020. The bug is a size limit of >10mb, whether trying to publish the slpk fro the front end or through the api.
    – David
    Commented Jan 29, 2020 at 20:53

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