I have installed Docker Desktop for Windows and I'm trying to extract the California PBF file. My Docker instance has 16 GB of RAM.

Is more RAM needed to extract California?

PS D:\Datasets\TigerLine Shapefiles\06> docker run -t -v "$(pwd):/data" osrm/osrm-backend osrm-extract -p /opt/car.lua /data/california-latest.osm.pbf
[info] Parsed 0 location-dependent features with 0 GeoJSON polygons
[info] Using script /opt/car.lua
[info] Input file: california-latest.osm.pbf
[info] Profile: car.lua
[info] Threads: 4
[info] Parsing in progress..
[info] input file generated by osmium/1.8.0
[info] timestamp: 2019-01-21T21:15:02Z
[info] Using profile api version 4
[info] Found 3 turn restriction tags:
[info]   motorcar
[info]   motor_vehicle
[info]   vehicle
[info] Parse relations ...
[info] Parse ways and nodes ...
[info] Using profile api version 4
[info] Using profile api version 4
[info] Using profile api version 4
[info] Parsing finished after 78.5229 seconds
[info] Raw input contains 95656519 nodes, 8693941 ways, and 4099 relations, 33549 restrictions
[info] RAM: peak bytes used: 3181412352
[error] Problem opening file: /data/california-latest.osrm :  (possible cause: "Permission denied") (at include/storage/tar.hpp:37)

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When using PowerShell on Windows the proper command needs to have quotes around the paths:

docker run -t -v "$(pwd):/data" osrm/osrm-backend osrm-extract -p "/opt/car.lua" "/data/california-latest.osm.pbf"

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