I would like to add an on-map drawing function in my stand alone app, so I used QgsRubberBand to make it. I made a tool that emits points and then draw the QgsRubberBand. The problem is I don't find any solution to style it (applying a qml file would be perfect). Here is the code I use to draw my QgsRubberBand:

    def update_largage_eau_canadaire(self, model):
        points = model.largage_eau_canadaire
        #points is an array of QgsPoint
        if len(points) > - 1:
            if self.largage_c_rubber_ is None:
                self.largage_c_rubber_ = QgsRubberBand(self.canvas_, False)

            self.largage_c_rubber_.setToGeometry(QgsGeometry. fromPolyline(points), None)
            self.largage_c_rubber_.setColor(QColor(255, 0, 0, 255))

Here is the result:

Screenshot of my drawn rubberband

And I would like do draw a styled rubberband that would look like this: Example of the result I expect


I think a style like this is impossible for QgsRubberBands. You may set the line style with QgsRubberBand.setLineStyle(p) where p is a value from Qt.PenStyle enumerator, which provides a variety of basic line patterns, but unfortunately no ones as complex as yours.




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    This is correct - it's not possible to use custom line styles with the rubber band. You may be better off creating a temporary memory layer with a feature matching your rubber band geometry, and then you can style it anyway you want. – ndawson Jan 23 at 19:38
  • Do you have any idea of the way I could match my rubber band to a layer? – Skaldr Jan 30 at 10:36
  • not sure, but check out wether Settings | Snapping Options... does affect your QgsMapToolEmitPoint – Jochen Schwarze Jan 30 at 11:53
  • but I totally agree with @ndawson that memory layers are a far better approach for you than rubber bands. No coding needed, can be made persistent, better styling options, ... – Jochen Schwarze Jan 30 at 11:56

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