I'm running QGIS3.4.4 on a mac (OS:10.14.2). The Processing Tools don't appear to work.

I'm working through the examples in 'Learn QGIS -4th edition' from Packt> which uses the official qgis_sample_data for Alaska. So I assume the data and loading are clean. I've used Processing Tools successfully in earlier QGIS versions (currently 2.14), but can't get them working for 3.4.

The lastest failure is on 'Clip Raster by Mask Layer', reports similar problems to earlier failures - saying, 'layers not correctly generated'.

enter image description here

  • Is the output a temporary layer or have you tried saving it to disk by specifying a name? And if so, is the path very simple or does it contain special characters? I've had issues with some processing tools not accepting temp layers from time to time. – Gabriel C. Jan 24 at 21:28
  • Hi @ChrisF, welcome to GIS.SE! The error says: /bin/sh/: gdalwarp: command not found. Check this post. – Gabriel De Luca Jan 24 at 23:36

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