I am new in Arcmap and I am trying to calculate the distance between some points I have in an excel file that have an FID shape and latitude and longitude. However whichever tool I am trying to open eg. near, proximity I see only an empty grey box and no drop down menu like the tutorials.

What am I doing wrong?

Is there any other way to calculate the distances?

  • Near requires ArcGIS Advanced. See the licensing information at the bottom of the help pages to learn the restrictions for a given tool. At any license level, you could easily script this with Python. Would that be a possibility for you? – Tom Jan 24 at 17:39
  • Thank you for your response but I have ArcGIS advanced so maybe I am doing something wrong. I tried both with shp and xls file, but when I open each tool it still has a grey box without the dop down menu. Unfortunately I do not know Python. Is there any other tool I could use? – Nicky Jan 24 at 19:48
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    Some general thoughts / questions: Have you converted the XLS file to a Shapefile..not an Event Layer? Are the Shapefiles in the same projection, preferably in a projection that is not geographic? Can you post a picture of the tool, perhaps your ArcMap installation is corrupted. – Keagan Allan Jan 25 at 5:20

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