I downloaded hypsography (topo lines) in DLG (Digital Line Graph) format. The file came from OGRIP, although it originally came from USGS. According to Wikipedia, DLG files are

topologically structured for use in mapping and geographic information system (GIS) applications.

However, when I try to load the .dlg file into QGIS, I get an error message:

Invalid Data Source: C:/Users/.../cl303ohy.dlg is not a valid or recognized data source.

Searching for how to load a DLG file into QGIS doesn't yield any helpful results. Apparently 'dlg' is used in the python coding for creating or loading a plugin, so all the search results discuss plugins.

How can I use a DLG file in QGIS?

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DLG (Digital Line Graph) format is not a valid OGR data source (it can be corroborated in OSGeo4W shell with ogrinfo --formats command). So, you need a data converter for DLG vector files. This coverter can be downloaded from here: https://esri.box.com/v/sdtsdlg2shp .

At following image, you can observe its GUI.

enter image description here

Into unziped folder, there is User’s Manual for DLG2SHP.

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