I am writing an ArcGIS 10.4 SOI in .Net and I would like to obtain the layer name for a layer id during an HTTP REST request intercept.

Currently, when the SOI is started the first time, two requests are issued by ArcGIS itself to obtain the root catalog from both the MapServer and the Feature Server which lets the SOI intercept the same response as described here and from which I can extract the tables and layers metadata and cache it as a local dictionary.

But if a second instance of the SOI is created by the ArcGIS server process, the bootup Init() is called but the catalog is not invoked, nor is the original catalog available to the second instance. How can I use the ArcObjects SDK to query the server from within the SOI to obtain the catalog?

I'm not sure if the Esri.ArcGIS.Server.IServiceCatalog is the correct object or how to get a hold of an instance of it.

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