I have been doing a series of back-end GIS operations such as:

  • Clipping a raster file by using user's inputs (i.e. bounding rectangle)
  • Returning a styled WMS based on the new raster file.

By using GDAL utilities for the clipping and Curl within PHP for the GeoServer response, and OpenLayers for the front-end.

The above works fine.

But now I would like to turn that into a simpler architecture, so is it possible to use WPS for creating the clipped raster in the server and immediately generating a WMS based on that. In other words, can I do the whole process within GeoServer and without using GDAL utlities?

I am new to the WPS aproach, so far I haven't found how to do the clipping, creating the workspace, the datastore, the layer and the styling, and publish a new WMS back to the user, all in one go.


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