This is the code:

def formOpen(dialog, layer, feature):
   """Function called when a connec is identified in the map"""

   global feature_dialog
   # Create class to manage Feature Form interaction
   feature_dialog = ParentDialog(dialog, layer, feature)

def init_config():

class ParentDialog():
   def __init__(self, dialog, layer, feature):
   """ Constructor class """

       self.dialog = dialog
       self.layer = layer
       self.feature = feature
       self.iface = iface

I want to show message when button X(of QgsAttributeForm) is clicked ,something like:

    def closeEvent(self, event):

        reply = QtGui.QMessageBox.question(self, 'Message',
        "Are you sure to quit?", QtGui.QMessageBox.Yes,QtGui.QMessageBox.No)

        if reply == QtGui.QMessageBox.Yes:

Is there any way to relate dialog (QgsAttributeForm) with closeEvent, or is there any other solution?

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