I want to Visualize a Landcover Classification

I have different success with seemingly identical Lists.

List 1: Pallette Parameters inside the Code like:

var landcoverPalette1 = [ 'E6004D', //Artificial surfaces > Urban fabric > Continuous urban fabric 'FF0000' //Artificial surfaces > Urban fabric > Discontinuous urban fabric ]

List2: Palette Obtained via Code

var landcoverPalette = ee.List(lc2012.get('landcover_class_palette'))

List1 and List2 are identical withing the print() statement(see Code), but List2 generates an Error

2012: Layer error: Image.visualize: Expected a string or list of strings for field 'palette'.

Code without Error

Code with Error


You are mixing client-side and server-side objects, see here.

You will need to make the visualization a server-side object (namely, a dictionary):

var landcoverPalette = ee.List(lc2012.get('landcover_class_palette'))

var landcoverVisualization= ee.Dictionary({palette: landcoverPalette, min: 0, max: 44, format: 'png'});

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