Has anyone had success using Arc Hydro for ArcGIS Pro for stormwater workflows? I'm currently using ArcGIS Pro version 2.3 with the ArcHydro 2.0.13 tools from 1/4/2019 I downloaded here: http://downloads.esri.com/archydro/archydro/setup/Pro/

I'm trying to take into consideration streets and drainage networks for watershed delineation, like I've done in ArcMap 10.5 and 10.6. Unfortunately, I'm encountering a lot of problems including ERROR 999999 and Failed to Execute EucAllocation at the DEM Reconditioning step (right after I run a model that burns the right of way polygon feature class into the DEM). For more info on what ArcMap workflow I'm trying with Pro, refer to this document: http://downloads.esri.com/archydro/archydro/Tutorial/Doc/Arc%20Hydro%20GP%20Tools%202.0%20-%20Tutorial.pdf

I’ve tried re-organizing my data and troubleshooting strategies I've learned with ArcMap but to no avail. Perhaps they still need to work out some bugs or revert back to Target Location folders.


2/3/2019: I used the same rasters to create the AgreeDEM in ArcMap. The next step would be running the AgreeDEM through the Fill tool. enter image description here 04/12/2019: I managed to successfully run the DEM Reconditioning script tool when I started all over and converted my raw DEM values to Integers. I left the output locations to default and saved all my precursor data in the same FGDB.

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