I'm using react-leaflet to display a map with GeoJSON linestrings and points. My mouseOver, mouseOut, and click events work fine with a mouse. However, I can't get the tap or touch events to work on mobile (Android Firefox FWIW).

Here's my code:

onEachFeature = (feature, layer) => {

            mouseover: (e) => this.MouseOverFeature(e, feature),
// attempts here
            touchstart: (e) => this.MouseOverFeature(e, feature),
            touchTap: (e) => this.MouseOverFeature(e, feature),

            onTouchStart: (e) => this.MouseOverFeature(e, feature),
            mouseout: (e) => this.resetHighlight(e, feature)


My map

return (
                height: '100%',
                width: '100%',
                margin: '0 auto'
            ref={(el) => {
                this.leafletMap = el;
            <TileLayer url='https://api.mapbox.com/v4/mapbox.outdoors/{z}/{x}/{y}@2x.png?access_token=pk.eyJ1IjoiYawefawelbnMyNCIsImawefbDRtMzcwMDNmMzJydHdvcjF6ODA5In0.xdZi4pmkhj1zb9Krr64CXw' attribution='&copy; <a href="https://www.mapbox.com/about/maps/">Mapbox</a>' />
            <GeoJSON data={locations} ref="geojson" style={this.getStyle} onEachFeature={this.onEachFeature} 

            />{' '}

I read several other stackexchange questions on Leaflet touch events but no dice.

Any ideas?

  • Try checking L.Browser.touch value. It should be true. – TomazicM Jan 29 at 18:54

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