I have Mastermaps 3 layers with layer styles on QGIS. This is exported with Project -> Import/ Export -> Export project to DXF with the following settings;

enter image description here

However when this is imported to AutoCAD the styles cannot be seen.

enter image description here

When tried with Symbology mode - Symbol layer symbology and Feature symbology the DXF file shows nothing when it is imported to AutoCAD.

enter image description here Can you please help me to to export shapefile with layer style to DXF?

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    I think you have to select the field used for symbology in the "Output layer attribute" column (in your first picture it's in the white rectangle with the list of the layer) – J.R Jan 29 at 11:01
  • @J.R i did tried that but the output of that does not show anything on AutoCAD. I have updated the question with a print screen with that settings. – Shana Jan 29 at 13:09
  • Maybe your symbology is too complex for this tool, or it as something to do with symbology scale (your is set to 1/1000000 but you seem to work at a much bigger scale), anyway you will find more info on the export here qgis.ch/fr/projets/export-dxf (there are info on supported symbology type) – J.R Jan 29 at 13:37
  • Silly question perhaps, but does AutoCAD 'do' styles at all? My colleagues only ever use plain black&white, so I only ever expect to be able to export Mastermap topographic line data - unstyled. – Rostranimin Jan 29 at 16:33
  • Yes, you can export the layer styling into AutoCAD and it is working well for me now. @Rostranimin it would have been nice to check more details before commenting as 'Silly'. I will leave you to decide to whom that word be more appropriate. – Shana Jan 29 at 19:08

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