I want to design Editor Forms in QGIS 3.4 programmatically via QGIS' Python API.

Step 1: Setting Editors and human readable names for fields works fine via calls to


Step 2: Introduce Tab boxes in my Form works as well I tried to switch to using QgsEditFormConfig.EditorLayout.TabLayout, but this does not work:

editFormConfig = layer.editFormConfig()

My question is: how can I connect editorWidgetSetup settings from step 1 with those Tab boxes, setting the order of elements and which item is on which tab box?

  • Although you stated that it doesn't work editFormConfig = layer.editFormConfig() editFormConfig.setLayout(1) layer.setEditFormConfig(editFormConfig) was finally the thing I needed to change the form config to TabLayout (Drag and Drop). I don't know why it's that complicated but thanks so much!
    – Sickboy
    Commented Mar 5, 2022 at 9:04

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To awnser my own question:

First, clear the whole Editor config, and then add QgsAttibuteEditorField elements in the order you like them on the editor widget, finally saving:

rootContainer = editFormConfig.invisibleRootContainer()
editorField = QgsAttributeEditorField(fieldname, index, rootcontainer)

To get Entries on the Tab boxes, you need to create QgsAttributeEditorField items with the Tab Boxes as Parent Containers.

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