I usually use ERDAS LAN file format drivers to create a multispectral file that contains multiple rasters of different spectral bands. However, I can't find a way to store the information regarding the spectral band acquired by each raster, and when I open the file using, for example, QGIS I can see only the number of the band (e.g. Band 1, Band 2 etc. etc.) and so it is hard for me to understand which spectral range I am currently using for false colour composting.

I wonder if there are (possibly open-source) file formats allowing storing multispectral raster and metadata for each spectral band collected.

  • Won't GeoTIFF do it? – nmtoken Jan 31 at 8:02
  • @nmtoken I used GEOTIFF but still I can't store the band name – G M Jan 31 at 9:38

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