Here is the link to my GEE code:


Here is the code (DMDP is an asset and to see it please follow the link):

Map.centerObject(DMDP, 9)

// -----------------     ADD BOUNDARY LINES TO DISPLAY     -----------------

// Create an empty image into which to paint the features, cast to byte.
var empty = ee.Image().byte();

var outLn_dmdp = empty.paint({
  featureCollection: DMDP,
  color: 0,
  width: 1 
Map.addLayer(outLn_dmdp, {palette: 'red'}, 'DMDP');

I know that I can easily dissolve the DMDP featurecollection (i.e. shapefile) in ArcGIS or QGIS. But I am wondering if there is a way to dissolve DMDP (i.e. featurecollection) in Google Earth Engine, so that I can display only the boundary of the featurecollection.

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Your simplest solution is the following.

 var joinedFeatures = DMDP.union()

Then set the colours that you prefer before adding it to the map.

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