The layers are exported to dxf on QGIS. When that is imported back to QGIS or visualise on AutoCAD, incorrect Polylines can be seen.

enter image description here

Can you please help me to fix this?

  • Please, edit your question to add a description as detailed as possible of the steps followed so that your problem can be reproduced. Do not omit to clarify the coordinate reference systems assigned to the layers and the project. If you can, include sample data and screenshots that can be viewed and understood. – Gabriel De Luca Jan 30 at 4:00
  • The only difference I can see between those two screenshots, is that the one on the left has black borders on the polygons, and the one on the right has borders that are either light gray or just a darker version of the fill color. – csk Jan 31 at 18:53

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