I'd like to use the s3-geotiff module within GeoServer with a custom provider (Minio). The minio server is running properly and I could reach the tiffs in the bucket from a variety of s3 tools.

Following the instructions of the docs I've created a s3.properties file with endpoint, username and password strings.

I've placed the s3.properties file in the root of Geoserver_Data dir and also in the security folder. Unfortunately, using the s3 buckets tiff as a datastore fails. Geoserver always wants to reach the bucket on an AWS S3 instance. Using AWS, everything works as expected.

Any ideas?


To use a custom S3 provider, the s3.properties file path must be included via java system properties. So attaching -Ds3.properties.location=/opt/geoserver_data/s3.properties to my JAVA_OPTS within my docker build did the trick

  • Do you know where this is documented? – Kevin Oct 7 '20 at 20:43
  • I was interested in the documentation to find out if I could put environment variables in the s3.properties. I have learned this is a generic Java configuration file format and that it does not evaluate environment references. To work around that, I have the file dynamically created by setenv for Apache Tomcat. – Kevin Oct 9 '20 at 14:29

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