I have a model in which a zonal histogram is computed of each line in a feature class, showing the amount of cells each line intersects in a raster file. After this, this column is joined to a table that has values of the first line in it.

This is the model

This works. The problem is, that as can be read here, intermediate results are stored on the RAM (if I understand correctly). In my case, the first ~100 iterations are very fast (<0.1 seconds). However, after that it becomes increasingly slow, and since I have 50k lines in total, I need some way to speed this up.

What is the easiest way of running this model elsewhere, where it does not fill up the RAM?

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    you could add delete tool(s) to delete the temp data on every iteration – jbalk Jan 30 at 18:07
  • also remove your join at the end before the run happens again – Maksim Jan 30 at 20:34

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