enter image description hereI am trying to iterate though features in a shapefile. There are two columns I need to iterate through. First, I need to iterate through company names, and then using another iterator in a separate model, extract each companies subdivision. Not all companies have the same amount of subdivisions.

There are 11 companies and 75 subdivisions. I want to end up with each company's subdivision saved with the file name structure of something similar to Company_Subdivision.shp. Each feature (column) has iterator with an inline substitution variable.

I was able to rename the variables so they have a different name. The problem lies within the second select statement where I am trying to pull in both in line variables. I can only seem to use one at a time in the Select statement (even if I write it in manually).

I found this link below but I didn't see any syntax for in-line variables, let alone the syntax for using two in-line variables in the same select statement. Does anyone know how to use to in-line variables in a single select statement?


Update: I included a screen shot of the two models and the select statement is open on the second model. The select statement is

Company = %Value% and Subdivision = %Subdivision%.

I then want to save the file and try to use both in-line variables in the output file location. I am unsure if this is even possible

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