I'm currently working with a GeoTIFF file of a RapidEye image, which I'm reading in using GDAL. When I read in the RGB bands (which I believe are the 1-3 bands), I get values uint16 values that doesn't seem to represent RGB numbers. Am I missing something? Should I be normalizing or scaling the values to the RGB range?

  • Hard to say without further details about the data and what processing has been done. RapidEye captures blue, green, red, red-edge and near infrared wavelengths. If you have only 3 bands, you could have BGR or RGB. If you have 4 bands, you probably have BGRN. The values are likely radiance, but could be top of atmosphere reflectance, unlikely to be atmospherically corrected to surface reflectance. If you just want to display, try a 2-98% stretch and scale from 0-255 for each band. – user2856 Feb 1 '19 at 9:12

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