I'm willing to cut a line in two parts with QGIS.

So I enabled Snapping and I wanted to use the Split Features tool, like I've seen anywhere: one first left click and then another left click on the vertex I choose in order to draw a red line and then right-click to finish the process and split the line.

But it doesn't work properly!

The first picture is what I do with the split features tool, and the second is what I get.

Split Features The result

Could someone please explain to me why I'm obtaining that?

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  • Welcome to GIS.SE. Have you tried the tool on another layer or feature? Have you tried without selecting the feature? Have you tried without snapping enabled? – Erik Feb 1 at 9:25
  • The problem was that the line was multi-part. That's why it didn't cut the entire line. – Arnaud Dupont Feb 1 at 10:20
  • If the line has a self-intersection, when you perform a split the line will be split at the self-intersection as well as where you drew the split. – csk Feb 1 at 17:27

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