I would like to properly geolocate picture Exifs on a smartphone or GPS camera and would like to record the accuracy of the GPS position as well.

I have downloaded a few photos from camera review sites and with this short survey I could only find one camera listing the number of satellites.

Any ideas?

Here are the geolocation attributes from my low-end smartphone:

GPSLatitudeRef  South
GPSLongitudeRef East
GPSAltitudeRef  Above Sea Level
GPSTimeStamp    12:39:37
GPSProcessingMethod GPS
GPSDateStamp    2019:02:01

GPSAltitude 180.4 m Above Sea Level
GPSDateTime 2019:02:01 12:39:37Z
GPSLatitude 32 deg 52' 56.39" S
GPSLongitude    18 deg 38' 32.81" E
GPSPosition (-32.882330556,18.642725000)
            32 deg 52' 56.39" S, 18 deg 38' 33.81" E
  • I have not used this tool, but this ExifTool looks promising: sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/geotag.html – Richard Morgan Feb 1 at 13:18
  • @RichardMorgan it is an excellent tool for standard data. It is important to read the full content of the MakerNotes tag, as ExifTool can report it as being garbage while it indeed contains valuable non-standard information – JGH Feb 1 at 13:47
  • @JGH The question is about the automatic generation of the correct exif fields by the camera or smartphone. – skvery Feb 2 at 16:02

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