Is there a way to write a feature collection from Python memory to an S3 bucket (as Esri Shapefile, zipped Shapefile or something else) without writing it first to disk?

I tried writing to a ZipMemoryFile for later pushing it to s3 with boto3's upload_fileobj but it seems ZipMemoryFile are readonly

import fiona
from fiona.io import ZipMemoryFile
import boto3

# Initialize s3 client
s3 = boto3.client('s3')

# Read example feature collection
with fiona.open('fiona/tests/data/coutwildrnp.shp') as src:
    fc = list(src)
    meta = src.meta

# Write feature collection to file object
with ZipMemoryFile() as memfile:
    with memfile.open(path='test.shp', **meta) as dst:
        for feature in fc:

# Push to s3
s3.upload_fileobj(memfile, bucket, path)

The code above fails with a fiona.errors.DriverError: '/vsizip/vsimem/f588438c-3a3e-4f9c-80eb-c1f244911f96.zip/test.shp' does not exist in the file system, and is not recognized as a supported dataset name.

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