Without explaining all my reasoning for why we need to do this, I need to take a field that our GPS units create called "CreationDateandTime" and use the values in there to create a new "UID" field that is just a text field containing the 12hr time as a string. I will also take the colons out, but that isn't my issue right now.

The values in the "CreationDateandTime" field are strings formatted like this example:


I need my final output (in this case) to be "152" or "0152".

I am in ArcGIS Pro, Python 3.X

So if I just do this in Calculate Field:


it gets the 24hr time as a string.(13:52 in this case) But I need to convert it to 12 hr time and then back to a string.

Here is what I thought should work:

from datetime import datetime

timeStr = !CreationDateandTime![11:16]
timeDT = timeStr.datetime.time(12, 59)
UID = str(timeDT)

def UIDmaker():

The error comes in at

timeStr = !CreationDateandTime![11:16]

It says that it is invalid syntax.

Can I not call a field in a variable definition and, if that is the case, would something like this work?

from datetime import datetime

cur = arcpy.UpdateCursor(r'C:\Users\path_to_gdb\featureClass_name')

for row in cur:
    UID = row.getValue('CreationDateandTime')

timeStr = UID[11:16]
timeDT = timeStr.datetime.time(12, 59)
UIDnew = str(timeDT)

def UIDmaker():

I am trying to accomplish this with a script that I can save and deploy as a ".cal" file for any featureClass from the Claculate Field Tool.

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