I am new to QGIS, and I am currently using it for my uni dissertation which is focused on GIS based siting of windfarms/turbines in the Derbyshire Dales district of Derbyshire.

I have some GPS coordinates of windfarms in the regions and would like to add them to my map layer.

How do I do so?

Thus far i have used longitude and latitude data of the position of a windfarm from google earth 53.087346 -1.634774. I have saved the file as tab delimited and csv.

When selecting the tab delimited file in QGIS it gives me the error message crs was unidentified.

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If you have GPS readings they come in EPSG 4326, latitude, longitude WGS84.


As you have access to GoogleEarth;

  1. Add Placemark (Pin) - Provide Latitude and Longitude in the New Placemark window.
  2. Save it as KML file (Save Place As...)

Start QGIS;

  1. Drag and drop the KML file to QGIS.
  • thankyou this worked for me – Tom Haywood Feb 3 at 14:45

It is likely that QGIS doesn't understand how to read the latitude and longitude values that you are providing. Take a look here: https://docs.qgis.org/2.8/en/docs/user_manual/working_with_projections/working_with_projections.html

Decimal degrees are just one way of defining a location in space.

QGIS probably doesn't know this however so you need to provide it a CRS. It depends, but your CRS is likely WGS84 if the data came from Google Earth, this should be the default CRS for a new project in QGIS but maybe yours differs. Check the above link to see if your settings match up.

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