Trying to add an array of points to a map with a Leaflet with .forEach.

I thought this should work, but alas, it does not:

var jsonData = [
    "NAME": "Resto1"
    "NAME": "Resto2"

var addMarkers = function(point) {
      L.marker([point.LAT, point.LNG])


I understand I can do it like this:

var addMarkers = function(map) {
  for (var point in jsonData) {
     L.marker([jsonData[point].LAT, jsonData[point].LNG])

But was hoping to do it more functionally. Any hints?

  • Have you seen this topic Loop through Leaflet Map layers. It was suggested to made jsonData.forEach(addMarkers); break on return false. – Taras Feb 4 at 5:29
  • 2
    I'm not sure what was going on when I first posted this. But my own solution jsonData.forEach(addMarkers); appears to be working when I try again. I think I just had some leakage going on. – user2740509 Feb 5 at 13:24
  • 1
    (But thanks for the tip @Taras) – user2740509 Feb 5 at 13:25

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