I get an error saying "Error: could not register providers: unsupported geometry type: GEOMETRY" when trying to tegola_windows_amd64_cgo version 0.8.1 on a geopackage file. The gpkg file contains only one table that lists as a LineString25D when opened in QGis (works perfectly) geometry column is geom, srid is 3857.

This is my config-file:

[webserver] port = ":8082"

[cache] type = "file" basepath = "C:\Tegola\cache"

[[providers]] name = "gsd" type = "gpkg" filepath = "C:\Tegola\data\gsd.gpkg"

[[providers.layers]] name = "gsdvol" tablename = "vol"

[[maps]] name = "roads"

[[maps.layers]] provider_layer = "gsd.gsdvol" min_zoom = 11 max_zoom = 19

Any ideas?

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