In my thesis I investigate vegetation change in Hungary. I downloaded some Sentinel 2 images from: https://scihub.copernicus.eu/dhus/#/home

I used L1C and L2A pictures. During my work I transformed the L1C pictures to L2A in SNAP where I have got 60-20-10 meter resolution bands. So when I calculate EVI in QGIS some pictures have good values, but some pictures have incorrect "equal" values. My calculation is the following: the bands are in .jp2 format, first I divide the bands with 10000. And after I use the correct format.

G*(NIR-Red)/(NIR+C1*Red - C2 * Blue +L)

G = 2.5, C1 = 6, C2 = 7.5 and L = 1

There are some pictures, I don't know why, the QGIS can't calculated the good values with the 10m resolution. I attach a picture where illustrate the problem. The rasters with ..._20 ends are the 20m resolution bands, and after calculate with these bands and here I got correct values.

There are a picture where I calculated with the 10m resolution bands and I got good values.

enter image description here Good values with 10m resolution enter image description here Wrong values with 10m resolution but good values with 20m resolution

Can I get good values that pictures where now get wrong EVI values from 10m resolution bands?

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