I understand that this problem might be simple geometry, but Im using specific shapefiles for a geographical area and looking for a specific gis solution (hopefully code).

enter image description here

Essentially Id like to find the area of black that covers each separate geographical bounds. What percentage covers the red area, blue area, and then green?

I have coordinates of the center, as well as shapefiles (.shp). The radius is known. No preference on library other than it being open source (R and Python).

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    Have you this topic Percentage of overlap between polygons? R solution – Taras Feb 5 at 14:03
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    This is an intersect operation. First use rgeos::gBuffer to create polygon representing your radius then raster::intersect to intersect the buffer polygon with the other boundary polygons. The new feature will represent the shared overlap. You can then get the area of each polygon using rgeos::gArea – Jeffrey Evans Feb 5 at 14:07
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    ..or use the sf package and functions like st_intersection. Read an intro to spatial data or take an online course for more. – Spacedman Feb 5 at 14:14

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