I am new to Python. I have over one hundred dbf files to merge in two diffrent workspaces.

Workspace 1: PCPT100100 PCPT101101 PCPT102101

Workspace 2: s100100 PCPT101101 s102101

I want to merge "PCPT100100 (workspace1) - s100100(workspace 2)", "PCPT101101 -PCPT101101"..... I am using the tool "append" but I don't know, how can I specify the name of the files.

I read about glob or os.walk to find files recursively.


import arcpy,glob

# Local variables:
PCPT100111_dbf = "C:\\PCPT100111.dbf"
s100110_dbf__2_ = PCPT100111_dbf

yourlist = glob.glob(r"C:\\s*.dbf)

s100110_dbf = "C:\\s100111.dbf"

# Set Geoprocessing environments
arcpy.env.workspace = "C:\\"

# Process: Append
arcpy.Append_management("'C:\\PCPT100111.dbf'", s100110_dbf, "NO_TEST", "Field1 \"Field1\" true false false 10 Long 0 10 ,First,#,C:\\PCPT100111.dbf,PRECIPITAT,-1,-1", "")

print "Append is done"

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