I just converted to QGIS 3 (3.4.4). My Spatial Bookmarks panel is empty.

Is there something I need to do to get them?

  • Do you still have the previous version of QGIS which contained the bookmarks?
    – Joseph
    Feb 7, 2019 at 11:03
  • I was using 2.18, which appears to still be on the machine.
    – TVZ
    Feb 7, 2019 at 12:28

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If I remember correctly, QGIS 3 asked me at first start whether it should adopt settings from QGIS 2 or I wish a clean QGIS 3 start. Not unlikely, that your bookmarks might have been converted via adopting settings from QGIS 2.

The other way is (or as least should be...) exporting your bookmarks in QGIS 2 and re-importing them in QGIS 3 this way:

enter image description here

I just tried that, but it seems just to work little buggy and incomplete (Note that I dont't know whether export or import is the problem here...):

QGIS 2 bookmarks:

enter image description here

Error during import in QGIS 3 (click OK):

enter image description here

QGIS 3 bookmarks:

enter image description here

  • QGIS 3 did not ask me any questions like it did you ("whether it should adopt settings from QGIS 2 or I wish a clean QGIS 3 start". However, the export/import thing seems to have worked fine!
    – TVZ
    Feb 7, 2019 at 22:05

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