I have a query which outputs a table with an unique nodeID and x-,y-coordinates.

How can I import this query result table into qgis as an point-layer?

I have tried it with the DB-Manager (see below) and by WFS. But both hasn't worked out for me although I was able to specify a query.

enter image description here

The following shows you the SQL query I am running to get my result query table which I want to import in QGIS as point-layer:

SELECT "from" AS nodeID,
       st_x AS x,
       st_y AS y,
       priority AS type
FROM (SELECT "from",
      FROM public.graph
      SELECT "to",
      FROM public.graph
      ORDER BY "from") AS nodes
INNER JOIN junctions on nodes."from" = id
  • I'm not familiar enough with this process to fully answer but I think you need to add a geometry column to your query so you end with spatial data – J.R Feb 7 at 9:38
  • but I do have the x-/y-coordinates though. I think this must be enough for importing it as a point-layer to qgis. – applebrown Feb 7 at 9:50
  • what you probably rather want is using ST_StartPoint & ST_EndPoint instead of extracting the coordinates from the first and last vertex (from which you, btw., would only need to create a ST_MakePoint). please copy your query as code formatted text into the question body instead of an image! it'seasier to parse for anybody trying to help, and also complete... – ThingumaBob Feb 7 at 9:52
  • @ThingumaBob I have added the query to the question body. Thank you for your suggestion. But how can I import the result of the query to qgis as a point-layer? – applebrown Feb 7 at 9:58
  • This question could help you : gis.stackexchange.com/questions/77302/adding-xy-data-on-qgis – J.R Feb 7 at 10:10

Try this (I've deducted some data provenance), and I've assigned as CRS the WGS84, EPSG: 4326 (I let you correct this if wrong) :

SELECT nodes.nodeID,
       junctions.priority AS type,
FROM (SELECT "from" AS nodeID,
             ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(st_x(st_pointn(geom,1)), st_y(st_pointn(geom,1))), 4326) AS geom
      FROM public.graph
      SELECT "to" AS nodeID,
             ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(st_x(st_pointn(geom,st_npoints(geom))), st_y(st_pointn(geom,st_npoints(geom)))), 4326) AS geom
      FROM public.graph) AS nodes
INNER JOIN public.junctions ON nodes.nodeID = junctions.id

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